GI Anatomy Notepad Set (total four pads)

One each of all four GI Anatomy Notepads (total four pads) New! GI Anatomy Notepads - New Patient Education Tool! Improve patient satisfaction and educate your patients with easy-to-understand tools. ASGE's new GI Anatomy Notepads are the perfect take-home visual aid for explaining conditions and complex procedures to patients. You can draw directly on the images or write information in the notes section. Each package contains two 8.5" x 11" pads of 50 tear-off sheets (each), for a total of 100 sheets. Contains one each of all four GI Anatomy Notepads

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Included Items

Product Name Image Quantity
Endoscopy Pad - Colon (large intestine) and Rectum
Endoscopy Pad - Pancreas, Bile Ducts and Gallbladder
Endoscopy Pad - Small Bowel (small intestine)
Endoscopy Pad - Upper Gastrointestinal Tract