Endoscopic Learning Library

Nothing compares to the ASGE Endoscopic Learning Library when it comes to accessing the GI field’s most comprehensive library of procedural DVDs and videos that also offer CME credits.

Through full-color, live-action educational content, you’ll find numerous opportunities to complement and expand your knowledge base in several major endoscopy categories.

As the foremost resource for endoscopic education, ASGE offers the most diverse collection of colorectal DVDs from leading experts in GI endoscopy. Key topics covered include colonoscopy technique, colonoscopic polypectomy, EMR and ESD.

Various videos highlight ERCP techniques used in the diagnosis and treatment of various endoscopic conditions. Expand your knowledge of benign biliary diseases, pancreatic therapy, endoscopic papillectomy, and more.

Complete video collection that delves into the use of EUS technology for patients requiring a higher level of diagnostics. Gain insight on EUS-BD procedures, therapeutic ultrasound, and endoscopic ultrasound to obtain fine needle aspiration samples.

GI Bleeding
Titles are available that can help you lower your risk when facing basic and complicated GI bleeding cases. Learn more about cyanoacrylate glue injection, anorectal bleeding, and endoscopic management of variceal hemorrhage in cirrhosis.

Upper Endoscopy
ASGE offers a comprehensive look at the various applications of this valuable medical procedure in today’s endoscopy. Increase your knowledge of topics ranging from bariatric surgery to endoscopic tissue sampling.

Advanced Imaging and Small Bowel
Numerous techniques and applications of IEE and small bowel imaging are covered. Enhance your understanding, find ways to begin, or potentially improve on, the use of imaging in your practice.